An Article by Coach Swett on Sunday, October 23, 2016

It is time to get ready.  The season is rushing towards us.  Grab a friend and head to the weight room.  Check out open mat.  Get your paper work in.  We have lots of potential but it takes work to win the conference or place at state.  If we just show up on the first day we are months behind the best teams.  I am looking forward to a great season but you have to make it happen.  Choose to win.  Then bring a friend.

An Article by Coach Swett on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arnie gave us the ugliest team shirt I have ever seen.  It is red, white, blue, yellow and green.  On the back of the shirt a mouse is eating and saying," Cheese we're good."  The shirt works though.  Even with 22 mats it was easy to see if we had a kid up and if he had a coach with him.  Our problem at home is our colors are red, white and black.  Only about half the state shares those colors.  Blending in is not good when I am trying to find which mat you are on.  Maybe I can convince Mark to get us some really ugly shirts.  We could put a giant pin on the back with a logo that said "Pinning our way through the Bay. " On the front we could have our names with the message, " Tough enough to wear this shirt."   One year in Oklahoma a Wisconsin wrestler swapped his team shirt with a work release prisoner.  The prisoner made it ten miles.  The kid did not get out the door. That's the power of an ugly shirt.