The mission statement of a Seymour Wrestler is: Through integrity, discipline, effort, and attitude, I will become the best wrestler, and more importantly the best person that I can be.

Seymour Community High School has a long and storied history of success at this level of wrestling. From having numerous State Qualifiers, to Regional and Sectional Champs, to even State Champions, this program has been about the development of young wrestlers for becoming young adults.

These kids work the hardest of all our wrestling programs at becoming successful on the mat, in the classroom and in life.

As these kids leave our ranks we are confident that all the training and sweat and blood left on the mat, has only made them better prepared for the new adventures they will face in life.



The second level of development!

At this level wrestlers have begun to figure out things at a quicker pace. These kids are starting to show signs of their "own style". Also, some show signs of never having wrestled before.

This age group is critical to the success of our next level of wrestling. Here we try to correct any bad habits and teach the wrestlers that it takes hard work to participate in the levels that follow. It is important to us and the sport that these kids want to keep wrestling.

It is very exciting to see the passion these kids bring to the wrestling mat!



Our youth club exists to serve the community in a few ways.

1. Provide young aspiring athletes with the basic techniques and life skills needed to compete in the worlds oldest and toughest sport.

2. Generate participation with a true passion for

the sport to help carry kids through to the next levels of wrestling.

3. Make the environment that the kids train in fun, but difficult and give them ways to measure success even if they only train and don't compete.


It all starts here with the youngest of our future wrestlers! The youth tournament we have each year continues to provide funding for all levels of wrestling in the Seymour community. Our youth coaches are strictly volunteers who care deeply about the sport and the children who choose to train in our wrestling room.

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