SAW holds monthly meetings, typically scheduled on the 3rd Monday of the month at Wally’s Seymour Bowl at 7:00 p.m. The meetings usually last about an hour, during which, members review old and new business, organize special events, and coordinate club activities. Below is a list of past meeting minutes.













Monthly Meeting Minutes

Welcome by Jenny VandeHei
Secretary’s Report: Angie Steffens; motion by Jim V, second by Nate. All approved
Treasurer's Report: Jen Eick
Ending balance: $11453.61; motion by Angie, Second by Jim S. All approve
Coaches Reports:
 Youth: Took 1 st place as a team in New London Tournament. Upcoming dual in Bayport
this Friday. An additional practice was added on Wed nights for older/more advanced
wrestlers. 5:30-7:00
 Middle; Has 32 wrestlers. After 2 tournaments and a dual, every kid has at least 1 pin.
The team took 10 th out of 33 teams in Bayport.
 High School: The team took 5 th in Kewaunee. Finished 9 th in Saux Prairie. Took 13 th at
Sheboygan North out of 22 teams. Lost in by 2 points in New London.
Old Business
 2019 Board members are;
o President; Jenny VandeHei
o Vice President; Jim VanHandel
o Treasurer; Nikki Roffers
o Secretary; Angie Steffens
o Member at Large; Jim Struble, Lee Rynish, Nate Schofield
o Youth team pic; Jenny will see if Eric Shadrie can do a thank you to sponsors. If
not, Angie will do it.
o 12 varsity wrestlers will work the tables. Mark Schmoll will ask Bill & Dawn
Leisgang & David Leisgang. Will need at least 2 more.
o No other slots are needing to be filled
o Sponsorship check due date will be 2/18/19. Lee will get the sponsorship level
breakdown & sponsors to Angie to get the shirts ordered from Printech
o Jen Eick took care of ordering medals & trophies. She looked at Dog Tag prices.
It’s about $1.59-$2.04 per. Something to consider for next year
o Mark will take care of getting 9 WIAA refs
o Kathy is set with the menu. Jenny will start announcing at youth practices that
baked goods are needed for the tournament.
o Jenny will take care of the table buckets & sponsor sign inventory
o Mark will verify the set up time in the field house
o Bracketing will start at noon
o Jen V to RSVP the EMT’s
o Katie will look into possibility of “chuck a duck” at the tournament. If she’s
willing to organize; the green light was given.
o Jenny to check w/ Eric to see if he printed flyers. Also if he can do the brackets
again this year

 End of year party; the date is changed to Monday 3/25/19. 4:00-5:30 for swimming.
5:30-6:30 meal to follow. Issar Inn will be catering everything. Awards are given to 5 th
graders going into middle school & 8 th graders going into high school.
New Business

 Friday 2/1, Mark is having a bowling event with middle & high school. He’s requesting
up to $300. 32 middle school & 16 high school. Angie motion to approve. Lee 2 nd . All
in favor. Parents will pick up their kid at the field house
 Jim Struble gave an update on Megan that she visited UWSP to possibly attend and
wrestle there. They are the newest college in WI to announce women’s wrestling
 Emily Gorecki ranked 5 th at 113 for girls
Jim V made motion to adjourn. Angie 2 nd . All in favor
Next meeting to be 2/18/19 @ 7:00 for General 4211at Wally’s
Jenny VandeHei, President
Jim Vanhandel, Vice President
Nikki Roffers, Treasurer
Angie Steffens, Secretary
Members @ Large; Jim Struble, Lee Rynish & Nathan Scofield